BulldogGPIO library


Silverspoon Integration

Integration is an open source project and a member of the SilverWare family. Aim of this project is to provide users with an easy-to-use development platform for creating complex IoT solutions.

The basic building block of Silverspoon is Apache Camel™, a light-weight integration framework based on well known Enterprise Integration Patterns, for which we are providing a pluggable component. With Apache Camel, we are able to easily integrate capabilities of embedded devices with external IT systems, or support rule and event based decision making.


<camelContext trace="false" xmlns="">
    <restConfiguration bindingMode="auto" component="jetty" port="8080" />
    <rest path="/rest">
      <post uri="/led">
        <to uri="bulldog://gpio?pin=P1_11" />

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Bulldog Library

It is a Java library providing developers with GPIO and other low-level IO interfaces like I2C, SPI, or PWM. Currently supports various Single Board Computer (SBC) platforms, including Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoneBlack, and CubieBoard.

Bulldog aims to be platform agnostic - to write a single piece of code that can be run on multiple platforms. The only thing that needs to be changed in the following snippet is the string identifier of GPIO pin to work on different SBCs.


public class BulldogLED {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    // Detect the board we are running on
    Board board = Platform.createBoard();
    // Set up a digital output
    List<Pin> pins = board.getPins();
    DigitalOutput output = pins.get(0).as(DigitalOutput.class);
    // Blink the LED
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